General Information and Instructions

VÕSU MIDSUMMER CHALLENGE will be held on Sunday, July 19, 2020 in Haljala Parish, Võsu.


Distances, participation fees, start materials, re-registration

  • Võsu Midsummer Challenge distance is 10 km, starting from Võsu settlement, going along the driveway and turning back from Käsmu along a predominantly flat Võsu-Käsmu light traffic road.
  • Starting at midday from Võsu coastline (light traffic road) at the end of Vabaduse Street.
  • ATTENTION! Starts are at 10 second intervals. 8 people starting at once. Faster participants in front and those who want to take it slower, at the back. Walkers, Nordic Walkers at the end of the corridor.
  • Registration is open on the website until 17.07.20 or until there are still places (500 passes).
  • You must complete the registration form to register. The participation fee can be paid via the bank link after completing the registration form. The participant's name will be automatically entered in the start protocol after payment of the participation fee via the bank link. Successful registration will be confirmed by the participant's name in the start protocol.
  • Bank transfers are not accepted without payment via the bank link. The registration system will automatically delete all entries that have not been confirmed by the bank link payment.

Participation fees:


Until 17.07.2020

On site if there are available places


Number of places

(the balance of vacancies is visible upon registration)



10 KM












500 participants


  • All participation fees include 20% VAT.
  • If you register via the internet (bank Link), a fee of 0.5 € per registration will be added to the participation fee.
  • The name can be re-registered until 1.07.2020.
  • For re-registration transfer the re-registration fee to the bank account of the organiser MTÜ Rakvere Maraton (EE911010220117720014). Note in the explanation: pre-registered participant and new participant, with the date of birth (For example, instead of Jana Õunapuu, the participant will be Juhan Kukk - 12.08.1983). Please inform about the transfer of the re-registration fee to the organisers' bank account together with a copy of the payment confirmation:, which will ensure a faster name change in the start protocol. 
  • The competition centre is open on the coastline, in the start-finish area, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Start materials will be issued according to an identification document.
  • Start materials (incl. a bib number with an electronic chip, etc.) will be issued on 19.07.2020 from 9 am at the Competition Centre. The organiser will finish issuing start materials 20 minutes before the first start, i.e. at 11.40 am.
  • Participants are asked to be in the start area at least 20 minutes before the first run.
  • A limited number of participants are allowed to the Võsu Midsummer Challenge event - up to 500 people.



  • It is most convenient to travel to Võsu in your own vehicle. Competitors' parking is in the Võsu seaside parking lot. Follow the directions and traffic regulators.
  • Traffic will not be closed during the race. Going on the right side of the road and coming (in the same corridor) on the left side of the road.
  • The trail is marked. At turns, there are members of the management team in reflective vests.
  • Traffic speed inside the settlement and on the road around Võsu is limited throughout the race to ensure the safety of competitors - please pay attention to traffic!
  • The trail map can be found at From the Võsu beach light traffic road, the trail goes to Käsmu. In the parking lot at the beginning of the settlement, turn back and follow the light traffic road. Go to Mere Street via Eha Street and the end of the trail is through the settlement and along the light traffic road on the beach.
  • The 10 KM trail is measured using a combination of different GPS systems. There's no trail pass on the trail.
  • There are 2 refreshment stands (approx. 3 km and 6.5 km) on the trail, both of which guarantee a water/sports drink. All participants receive bottled water at the finish.
  • Free washing and dressing for the participants are guaranteed at Võsu Sports Hall (ca 500 m from the finish).
  • Luggage storage at the competition centre, start/finish.
  • YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN RUNNING AND WALKING AND NORDIC WALKING (walkers/Nordic walkers start from the last start corridors)
  • We apologize in advance for any inconvenience and hope for your understanding.



  • The timing chip is attached behind the bib number and does not need to be returned to the organisers after the finish.
  • The number must be fixed to the chest and remain visible throughout the race from the start to the finish line.
  • When finishing, the competitor must not cover the number with their hand, otherwise, the result may not get fixed.
  • The timing is carried out by the contractual partner of the organiser - Nelson Timing OÜ.
  • The final finish protocol is confirmed and will appear on the Võsu Midsummer Challenge website: no later than 7 days after the run. A link to results will be added as soon as possible after the run to the Võsu Midsummer Challenge website and official Facebook page.
  • All who finish will receive a medal.
  • The fastest women and men are awarded trophies (first six - sponsor awards and first three trophies as well). The awarding ceremony will begin at 1:20 p.m. The Sportland raffle prizes at 1:30 p.m.
  • Age groups: 

Boys 2002 and later

Girls 2002 and later

Male J. birth  2000-2001

FM J. birth 2000-2001

Male birth. 1997-1999

FM birth.  1997-1999

Male birth. 1980-1996

FM birth. 1980-1996

Male 40 birth 1975-1979

FM40 birth. 1975-1979

M45 birth 1970-1974

FM45 birth. 1970-1974

M50 birth 1965-1969

FM50 birth. 1965-1969

M55 birth1960-1964

FM55 birth. 1960-1964

M60 birth 1955-1959

FM60 birth. 1955-1959

M65 birth 1950-1954

FM65 birth. 1950-1954

M70 birth 1945-1949

FM70 birth. 1945-1949

M75 birth1944 and earlier

FM75 birth. 1944 and earlier



  • The participant is responsible for their own health when taking to the trail.
  • When taking to the trail, the participant confirms that they have sufficient physical capacity to complete the run and, in the event of a health problem, turn to volunteers or medical staff at the trail (medical assistance is available at the start/finish area).
  • The organiser has the right to cancel the planned event if there is an increased health risk of participating in the event. If the event is cancelled due to weather conditions, participation fees and other costs will not be refunded.
  • By registering and paying the participation fee the participant:

Agrees to the terms and conditions set out in this guide and by the organiser;

Agrees that their personal data will be used in accordance with laws and regulations;

Agrees to receive an e-mail containing information relevant to the participant before the event (participant's reminder);




  • Võsu Midsummer Challenge is organised by the NGO Rakvere Marathon in cooperation with Haljala municipality and supporters.
  • The official information channels of the Võsu Midsummer Challenge are: and Viking Line Estonian Night Run Facebook page: Ööjooks
  • Legal address and details: MTÜ Rakvere Marathon, Tähe 5 Rakvere 44314. Registration code: 80311257; KMKR: EE101458865; SEB EE911010220117720014, Swedbank EE852200221050534842. E-mail:



  • The organiser has the right to make changes to the manual, if necessary.
  • The organizer has the right to forbid people to be in the competition area and entry into the starting point, if these people disturb the participants.
  • The organiser has the right to disqualify all those participants in the finish protocol who do not follow the event manual and rules.
  • The organiser has the right to use all the photos and video footage, taken by the organiser during the event, for marketing purposes.
  • The organiser is not responsible if the event does not take place due to Force Majeure (force of nature). If the event is cancelled due to reasons not depending on the organiser the participation fee is not refundable.
  • The organiser is not responsible for the work of the company who offers the timing service.
  • The organiser will accept only the protests in writing and following official procedure presented to Võsu Midsummer Challenge Secretariat (info desk) until 20.07.2010, 2:00 p.m. The protest fee is 30 €. The protest processing time is up to 7 calendar days. The fee will be repaid only in case of a positive outcome / acceptance of the protest against a participant.
  • The organiser has the right to cancel the planned event if there is an increased health risk of participating in the event. If the event is cancelled due to weather conditions, participation fees and other costs will not be refunded.



  • Calls concerning the run from participants and partners will be answered during workdays at least until 31.07.2020.


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